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We Don't Need The Bible...

To know that God is real

Scripture is clear, everyone knows God is real. And through what is made (His creation) everyone knows God and has some knowledge of His invisible attributes.

That which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. - Romans 1:19-20

If we know God through His creation, then we know it is HIS creation, and that eliminates evolution as even a possibility. Romans one makes it clear. God has given us the knowledge... it is plainly evident to us. We clearly see and understand His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature. The only way for this to be true is if we know God is the creator, and evolution is nothing more than a human myth used to reject our creator God. To believe in evolution is to say God's word in Romans 1 is false.

Seeing God In Creation

I had a wonderful theology professor in seminary. I learned a lot from him. One evening I went to his office and said, "The Bible says I can know there is a God by looking at creation. I don't understand that." Then I pointed at the trees outside window and asked, "How do I see God in that?" He didn't know. But, I should have know the answer myself. I became a Christian through coming to an understanding of how huge the universe is. I realized God could hold the entire universe in the palm of His hand. I was instantly overwhelmed with His power, and intelligence, and the awesomeness of who He was... the one who created and was in control of all of this. I had no choice. I was of no significance. He was my master... my Lord... the creator God. So I guess you could say I became a Christian through the truth of Romans one.

You Can Also See Evolution Is Impossible

When you look at God's creation, not only do you come to know Him, His creation also shows you evolution is impossible. That's what this video is about, and it gives five observable characteristics of God's creation that show evolution is impossible:

1. Mutations are harmful. A mutation is damaging and results in a loss of information. That does not mean there is no benefit. At times the loss of information results in a short-term benefit. For example, that is how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. In some cases they lose the ability to transport the antibiotic through the cell wall. They cell has lost a function (lost information), but there is the short-term benefit resulting from the antibiotic being kept out of the cell. But over time the lost functions build up, and the organism will go extinct.

Humans have, on the average, 100 inheritable mutations per generation. They have been adding up over the centuries, and we are becoming less and less fit. It is now known that humans will go extinct in well under one thousand years. And there is nothing we can do to prevent this. (Of course, Christ will return before that happens.)

2. Natural selection cannot direct the course of evolution. Natural selection can only kill. It has no predictive ability. It can not look out at the environment and determine that the organism needs a new capability. It cannot create anything. Natural selection is blind and will always favor short-term benefits over long-term fitness. In other words, natural selection does not drive us upward, it selects those mutations that give a short-term immediate benefit and then leaves the organism to slow degrade, generation after generation, until it goes extinct.

3. It is impossible for genetic changes, that require more than two steps, to ever happen. If you'd like the science behind this one I recommend Michael Behe's book, "Darwin Devolves." Behe is a microbiologist who has done extensive work in this area. He has found that getting a single mutation that provides a benefit (although there is a loss of information) is relatively easy in some cases. But, if gaining a certain trait requires two mutations, that is much more difficult. And if three mutations are required, it isn't going to happen. Remember, natural selection cannot determine a certain mutation is needed, and then direct the organism to have that mutation. Also remember, evolution is based on many small mutations combining to create new traits. This has now been proven impossible. Such a series of mutations can't happen. Evolution is impossible.

4. It is totally impossible for even simple functional proteins, the building blocks of life, to form outside of a living organism. Even if it was just necessary to get the right amino acids in the right sequence, proteins are still too complex to be assembled from non-living material. But, not only must the right components be put together, the protein must then be folded correctly. If not folded exactly as needed, the protein is useless.

5. Life only comes from life. This has been observed, or maybe I should say no one has ever observed life coming solely from non-life. This even applies at the foundational level of proteins. Functional proteins are only made within a living organism. If that organism dies, over a period of time those proteins become non-functional. For example, proteins come in right and left-handed versions. Life is composed of all left-handed proteins. Death is characterized by a 50/50 split of right and left-handed proteins. When the organism dies, over time its proteins change from 100% left-handed to 50/50. Only a an existing living organism can make all left-handed proteins.

In addition, in the 19th century Louis Pasteur demonstrated that life only comes from life, and the result was the pasteurization process that sterilizes food (kills off all life), giving it a much longer shelf-life.

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