Human & Chimp DNA Not Similar!

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Is Human & Chimpanzee 98% Similar? Not Even Close!

In 1975 human and chimpanzee DNA was compared and found to be 98.5% similar (this was rounded up to 99% in most cases.). This was a very important number because in the time since humans and chimpanzees supposedly evolved from a common ancestor, there was only enough time for mutations to produce about a 1% difference in DNA... 98.5% was close enough. The evolutionary link between humans and apes was proven!

What they didn't tell you was that to make the comparison they did not use the full human genome, nor the full chimpanzee genome. They used portions of each genome that were already known to be similar. So, of course the result was that they were similar.

By 1998 technology had advanced so that the full genome of both chimpanzees and humans could be compared. The result was about an 85% similarity... not even close to the 99% similarity that was required. Evolution of humans and chimpanzees from a common ancestor had been proven to not have happened. But... the 99% similarity number continued to be used to show evolution was true, even though it was known to not be a correct number.

Finally, in 2007 the journal Science published an article (June 29, 2007 issue, page 1836) stating that the 1% difference was a myth. Now it was official, with the 99% similarity between human and chimpanzee DNA revealed as being false. Yet even today (this was written in December 2019) the 99% similarity number is STILL USED to prove evolution is true! That is fraudulent. That evolutionists are willing to use "facts" they know are wrong in order to support belief in evolution shows they have nothing better. The problem they have is that there is zero evidence supporting evolution from microbes to man as ever happening.

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