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Global Flood: Stories In Hundreds of Cultures

Inca in Peru: “They said that the water rose above the highest mountains in the world, so that all people and all created things perished. No living thing escaped except a man and a woman, who floated in a box on the face of the waters and so were saved.”

Bahnar - Cochin, China: the rivers swelled “till the waters reached the sky, and all living beings perished except two, a brother and a sister, who were saved in a huge chest. They took with them into the chest a pair of every sort of animal...”

Aztecs: “When mankind were overwhelmed with the deluge, none were preserved but a man named Coxcox … and a woman called Xochiquetzal, who saved themselves in a little bark, and having afterwards got to land upon a mountain called by them Colhuacan, had there a great many children; … these children were all born dumb, until a dove from a lofty tree imparted to them languages, but differing so much that they could not understand one another.”

Over time oral histories tend to become garbled and embellished. So how do we know the Biblical account is correct, and the Aztec version (and all other versions) is a garbled version of the Biblical account?

A good example is the Summarian Gilgamesh Epic. It is often claimed that the Bible copied its flood account from the Gilgamesh flood story. However, we know that cannot be true. The Biblical account is the only one that is realistic and coherent. For example, the boat used in the Gilgamesh story is a cube 20 cubits square. That is a highly unstable shape that would tumble in the water. No one would survive. Noah's Ark, on the other hand, had a ratio of dimensions that today have been recognized as the best design for stability, and is the ratio now used for large ships. In a study done in the 1990's, and published in 1994, the safety of the Ark was investigated and rated as superior, in high winds and waves, to all other hull shapes studied. Of all the flood stories,the Biblical account is the only one that describes a vessel that could survive a global flood.

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