Should You Believe Genesis?

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Jesus Understood Genesis As Real History

It's simple. Jesus understood Genesis as real history... exactly as it is written. I'm going to do the same. I'm putting my trust in Jesus, not Darwin

"So far as I know, there is no professor of Hebrew or Old Testament at any world-class university who does not believe that the writer(s) of Genesis 1–11 intended to convey to their readers the ideas that:

  • "Creation took place in a series of six days which were the same as the days of 24 hours we now experience.
  • "The figures contained in the Genesis genealogies provided by simple addition a chronology from the beginning of the world up to later stages in the biblical story.
  • "Noah’s flood was understood to be world-wide and extinguish all human and animal life except for those in the ark."

-- James Barr, Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of the Holy Scripture at Oxford University (England). The above was written in a letter to David C.C. Watson, on April 23, 1984. Dr. Barr is not a Christian, nor is even friendly to the creation account in Genesis. As a consistent neo-orthodox Jew, he does not believe Genesis. However, being a Hebrew scholar he understands and admits what the Hebrew clearly says.

Both the New Testament writers and Jesus quoted and alluded to Genesis over 100 times. A list is provided in this article: The use of Genesis in the New Testament (CMI Article). Jesus, and the New Testament writers (inspired by God) spoke about and referenced Genesis, treating it as real history.

Jesus said that men and women were there from the beginning of creation. What comes before the beginning of creation? Nothing! No apes. No big bang. Nothing comes before THE beginning. Everything was created by God exactly as a plain reading of Genesis describes, and Jesus confirms this.

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