Human Extinction

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Human Extinction Not Far Off

Most random mutations are harmful. Those that are not harmful are neutral. That does not mean there are not beneficial mutations. Our genome is designed to change, to a limited degree, in response to environmental changes. This has been observed in repeatable scientific experiments. But we are continually accumulating harmful mutations, and it is reaching the point at which humanity will have serious difficulties reproducing. There is a video below, as well as links to two other short videos that explain the situation.

If we stop to think about it... it is claimed that mutations creating changes, acted on by natural selection, are what is driving evolution. In other words, mutations are good. But, if that is the case, why are we not seeking to increase our mutations? If evolution were true, then more mutations would mean faster evolution. But, that's not the case. We run from materials that case mutations, such as radioactive waste. We're told to stay out of the sun in order to prevent mutations (skin cancer). In every other way, except for evolution, mutations are recognized as being harmful and something to avoid.

For Christians extinction is not a major concern. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus (God) will return before we go extinct. And when He returns all of those who have trusted in Jesus Christ will enter the millennial kingdom. Our concern is for our family, friends, neighbors, and others who have rejected Jesus Christ. If you are counting on just having done a few bad things, and because you are not really that bad, God will let into heaven... that won't work. Scripture makes it very clear that won't work. If you know you are saved because you were baptized, then you most likely are not saved. If you are counting on being a Catholic... or Mormon... or any other religion to save you, that is an empty faith that will not save you. What is needed is your recognizing that you have disobeyed God (sinned), and you are not worthy to be with God. And there is nothing you can do about it. The only one who can save you is God... Jesus Christ. Cry out to Him. Turn away from disobedience and obey God, trusting that He will save you.

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headlights coming

What you believe does not determine reality nor truth. That would make you god. But you ARE NOT god. You don't control the universe. You cannot change reality. Let's try an experiment. At about midnight stand in the middle of the road just around a corner where it is hard to be seen... at night, wearing all black. When headlights start lighting up the curve, just believe that whatever is coming does not exist. Stand firm, if you don't believe a vehicle is coming, then nothing is coming. You are perfectly safe... until reality hits.

You are now standing before Jesus. You are dead. It's judgment day. You don't want to believe it's Jesus and you will be judged. But it is. That's reality.

Judgment only takes a moment, the verdict is obvious, and you know it is correct. You are guilty. You've lied, stolen and sexually lusted after others (Matthew 5:28)... you have disobeyed God. Trusting Jesus is the only answer, but it's too late. You had your last chance just before you died.

You know it's no use to protest, but still you scream out, 'I didn't know!'

But you did know. All of creation declared God's glory, His invisible attributes, and His power. You have no excuse. You willingly rejected Jesus Christ (God).

Is this you? Are you saying, 'Hell isn't so bad, I'll be with my friends.' You know that's not true. There are no friends in hell. No beer... not even water to cool your lips. There is NOTHING good in hell.

So I beg you, consider these words. Trust Jesus as having paid your penalty for every way you've have rejected God. Trust Jeus to save you from hell and bring you into the presense of God.

Trust Jesus. Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved. - Acts 16:31