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What Is Truth?

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What Is Truth?

Truth is relative. Thinking like that is the problem. Relative to what? There is no absolute truth. We each can have our own truth... except that is self contradictory. If you claim we each can have our own truth, you are stating an absolute truth and thus contradicting yourself. Shouldn't non-contradictory be part of the definition of truth?

The foundational problem with attempting to define truth is that people without God are self-centered. They are unable to define truth, or even recognize truth. Their focus is, " I want what I want..." and the only way to get that is to assign to ourselves the ability to define truth. WE think we define truth.

We see this working out in our society today. Marijuana is illegal (Federal law). But, many states have made it legal, in violation of federal law. Entering the country without going through the proper process is illegal. Laws are used to make truth into reality. But laws today have no meaning. Another example, many locations have established themselves as sanctuaries, protecting those who are in violation of the law. Our laws no longer define truth. Riots, looting, destruction and mayhem are acceptable. Peacefully disagreeing... just saying the "wrong" words on Facebook, is not. Our laws no longer mean anything, or they mean different things depending on who you are. Truth... law has been corrupted and is meaningless. And that corruption is spreading. It is getting worse, not better. Why? Because we are rejecting God.

Truth is foundational, and we have lost that foundation.

It Goes Deeper Than That

Why have we turned away from truth? We have turned away from God. Without God, there is no truth. All truth is based in the mind, will, character and natural of God. When you reject God, you reject truth.

One of the biggest lies of out times come from people believing they are Christians, but they are not. Is that you? Of course not... or is it? How do you tell?

Is your focus in Jesus or on self? I hear the answer, "Jesus, of course it is!" Really? For you, what is Christianity about? Is it about the benefits of Christianity... feeling good? Bering in the Presence? Being healthy? Answers to your personal problems? Friends? Being comfortable? What if all of these things were taken away? You are depressed. Confined and cold and hungry. Feeling sick all the time. Your joints are filled with pain. You've lost everything. You have no friends... because you are a Christian. And then somebody says, "Throw away your Bible, renounce Christ and come home with me. It's warm. There is plenty of food. I have medicine. But, I can't have any Christians in my home. Come an. Join me." What will you do? Which do you prefer. Jesus or your comforts?

If you answer "Jesus," you have chosen truth. Jesus is all that matters. And when you have that, and conform your thoughts and actions to those of Jesus (God), you have truth. That is what truth is... Jesus... God. And the doorway to that truth is the Bible. God's love letter addressed to us.

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