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Answers to 180 Humanist Accusations Against the Bible

A Two Volume Set

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(Errors in the Bible, Contradictions and God's Cruelty)

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I went to the American Humanist web site where they had a HUGE page supposedly proving the Bible cannot be trusted. I went through that page and wrote down the answer to EVERY one of those accusations. Not one was left standing.

Can you defend Christianity and the Bible from an atheist loaded with questions? Are you prepared as 1st Peter 3:15 commands you to be: "always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence." Did God Really Say? gives you the tools and answers you need. Pastor Steve goes to an atheist web site and gives, in an easy-to-read style, the Biblical answer to every accusation and question they bring against the Bible.

Over 180 Accusations Against the Bible Answered in Two Volumes!

A faith and confidence builder, that is ideal for both new Christians and those who are mature in their faith. It is also an excellent gift for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and humanists.

Volume 1 covers:

  • Errors in the Bible
  • Contradictions in the Bible
  • Accusations that God is Cruel
  • The source of morality

Volume 2 covers:

  • Conflicts between science and the Bible
  • Accusations the Bible hinders science
  • Failed Biblical prophecy
  • Historical errors in the Bible


VOLUME I – Errors, Contradictions and God’s Cruelty (chapters 1-38)

1 – Why do Humanists Reject the Bible?
2 – Contradictions in the Order of Creation?
3 – What Does the Word Day Mean?
4 – Sun, Moon & Stars Created When?
5 – Did God Create Plants Twice?
6 – How Were Birds Created?
7 – 2 or 7 Pairs of Birds?
8 – When did the Mountaintops Appear?
9 – When was the Ground Dry?
10 – David’s Census – God Contradicts Himself?
11 – Did God Command Animal Sacrifices?
12 – Are Jesus’ Genealogies Contradictory?
13 – Where did they go After Jesus’ Birth?
14 – What Happened to the Money Judas Was Paid?
15 – Who Carried Jesus’ Cross?
16 – Did Just One or Both Criminals Taunt Jesus?
17 – What Were Jesus’ Last Words?
18 – Who Got to the Tomb When?
19 – What Really Happened at the Tomb?
20 – Did Paul Really Hear God Speak?
21 – Does the Bible Approve of Cruelty?
22 – Is Cursing the Entire Creation Evil?
23 – Did the Flood Drown Innocent People?
24 – Did God Torment Egyptians (And Kill Babies)?
25 – Did God Command Extermination of Seven Nations?
26 – Why Did God Kill David’s Baby?
27 – God Required His Son to be Tortured and Murdered
28 – Non-Christians are Tortured Forever
29 – God Commands Israel to Kill All Amalekites
30 – God Orders the Jews to be Killed
31 -- God Makes Samaria Desolate
32 – God Kills Israelites, Including Virgins
33 – God Commands Women Captured In War Be Killed
34 – Day of the Lord: Children Are Dashed to Pieces
35 – Multiple Examples of Biblical Sadism Refuted
36 – God’s Punishments are Grossly Disproportionate
37 – People are Punished for Mere Disbelief
38 – God Incites Human Violence
Appendix A – Morality Comes From People?
Appendix B – God, The Only Source of Morality

VOLUME II – Science, Prophecies & History

39 – Biblical Teaching Violates the Laws of Nature
40 – The Bible Opposes Scientific Principles
41 – Humanist Hypocrisy
42 – The Supernatural: Examples of the Impossible
43 – More Supernatural Examples of the Impossible
44 – The Supernatural: It’s Unbelievable!
45 – Is Believing in the Supernatural Harmful?
46 – Does Believing in the Supernatural Spread Disease?
47 – Believing in the Supernatural Causes Plagues
48 – Supernatural? Science is Better
49 – Does the Bible Hinder Science?
50 – Does the Bible Teach Geocentricity?
51 – Does the Bible Teach the Earth is Stationary?
52 – Does the Bible Teach the Earth is Flat?
53 – Humanists Don’t Give Up: More Flat Earth Claims
54 – Does the Bible Teach the Sky is Solid?
55 – Does the Sky Have Windows?
56 – Are there Signs in the Heavens?
57 – Other Scientific Errors in the Bible
58 – Does the Bible Say a Bat is a Bird?
59 –Myth of the Historical Effect of the Bible on Science
60 – Humanist Accusation: Adam Didn’t Die
61 – What was Jacob’s Name?
62 – How great was Solomon’s Wealth?
63 – What Happened to Damascus?
64 – How long was the 70 Year Babylonia Captivity?
65 – Did any of These Prophecies Fail?
66 – New Testament Prophecies Not Fulfilled
67 – Jesus Made a Mistake about His Time in the Tomb?
68 – Wish Upon Jesus?
69 – Did Noah’s Flood Really Happen?
70 – Did the Exodus Really Happen?
71 – Is the Story of Esther Historical?
72 – Was Belshazzar King?
73 – Was there a Roman Census?
74 – What is the Age of the Earth?
75 – Why Didn’t Herod’s Killing Babies Make the News?
76 – Was there Darkness when Christ was Crucified?
77 – Was Jesus a Real Person?
78 – Humanist’s Concluding Statement: Part 1
79 – Humanist’s Concluding Statement: Part 2
80 – Humanist’s Concluding Statement: Part 3
APPENDIX - The Humanists’ False Apologist: Andrew D. White

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