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The Presence of God:
A Commentary on the Book of Esther

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Esther is an amazing book that tells a story in which the fate of humanity hangs in the balance--for real. But, it is a book that is largely ignored. After all, it never mentions God, so what use is it?

To understand God's purpose in Esther and the message Esther has for you, you need the answers to several important questions:

- Why is God never mentioned in Esther? That He isn't mentioned is actually an important part of the story.

- Esther brings to a conclusion a 500 year plan God was implementing. What was that plan?

- What is God's purpose in giving us the book of Esther?

These questions, and others are answered in this unique commentary. Written for new Christians as well as mature Christians, "The Presence of God: A Commentary on Esther" will be your guide to a deeper understanding of God and His purposes.