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Jessup the Dinosaur: the Search

Can Jessup Find a Dinosaur Like Him in Time?

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Can You Help Jessup Find Another Dinosaur?

Let me introduce you to Jessup the T-Rex dinosaur. He is a young dinosaur, and he needs to find another young T-Rex dinosaur. His dad works pulling a stagecoach to bring workers to their jobs building a big boat for a man named Noah. Noah is constantly telling people the end of the world is coming and something called a flood will destroy everything.

Jessup is not sure what it is all about, but he does know he wants to get on the Ark. But, Noah has made it clear that animals such as dinosaurs can only get on the Ark in pairs. And Jessup is the only young T-Rex around.

Jessup Learns That People Are All the Same... Yet They Are Also Different

All people are created in the image of God. So all people are the same. But, God created people with some major differences. The most obvious is that He created some people as females and some people as males.

8-1/2" x 8-1/2" 32 page color picture book, that includes searching for Jessup, and the dinosaur he is looking for.