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A Beginner's Guide to Tracking Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tracks Leading to the Gospel

Proof the Flood Was Real & Jesus is the Only Way

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Imagine you could travel back in time to the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Nobody would believe you had seen a real, live dinosaur...


You have your phone. You can take pictures! You’ll have proof. All you need to do is follow the tracks and... become lunch for a T-Rex! Ooops!

In A Beginner’s Guide to Tracking Dinosaurs you will learn how to identify and track dinosaurs. By chapter eight you’ll be able to estimate the dinosaur’s size and how fast it is traveling. You will have the skills needed to tell a herbivore from a carnivore, so you can avoid becoming a quick snack for a raptor. You will even learn whether or not dinosaur meat is good to eat. In addition, this guide will help you figure out how far back in time you need to go, and what type of people you can expect to meet. Everything you need to know!

But there's more!

You will also learn about Biblical creation and how dinosaur tracks provide proof Noah's Flood was real. But that's not all. You'll see how dinosaur eggs provide compelling evidence there was a Biblical global flood. And you'll get the facts that reveal there is no fossil evidence supporting evolution. A Beginner's Guide to Tracking Dinosaurs is more than science, it shows how science and the Bible go hand-in-hand (no conflict), leading us to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Going through the door of the Ark was the ONLY way to be saved from the flood. Going through the door that is Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to be saved from the wrath to come.

218 pages, with over 55 illustrations and photographs

Table of Contents

1 – Type of Dinosaurs?
2 – How Tracks Are Made
3 – How Are Dinosaur Tracks Named?
4 – Theropod Dinosaur Tracks
5 – Ornithopod Dinosaur Tracks
6 – Numbering Dinosaur Toes
7 – What Else Can You Learn From A Dinosaur Track?
8 – Can You See The Dinosaur Tracks? (The test)
9 – Dinosaur Track Mysteries
10 – Are Dinosaurs Good To Eat?
11 – Preservation of Dinosaur Tracks
12 – The Track Evidence
13 – Fossil Dinosaur Eggs
14 – Dinosaur Egg Evidence
15 – False Presuppositions
16 – Dinosaur Became Birds? Just Wishful Thinking
17 – Archaeopteryx
18 – Microraptor
19 – Is Dinosaur to Bird Evolution Even Possible?
20 – Fact Check: Evolution
21 – Human Evolution Myths
22 – Defining Evolution
23 – BBC Gets It Wrong
24 – BBC’s Proof of Human Evolution
25 – Mixed Up Bones
26 – Trust Jesus, Not Darwin
27 – Who Made God?
28 – Who Is Lucy?
29 – Is Lucy Saved?
30 – The Laetoli Footprints
31 – Suppress All Opposition
32 – Petrified Trees
33 – The Lord Warned Everyone
34 – 2nd Peter 2:4-6
35 – The Door
36 – It Is Finished

A – Ten Questions
B – The Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry
C – The Age of the Earth

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