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Changing Definition of Evolution: It's A Shell Game

Tails I Win, Heads You Lose... that's what's going on with evolution.

What is evolution?

(Kerkut, G.A. [1927–2004], Implications of Evolution, Pergamon, Oxford, UK, p. 157, 1960)

“There is a theory which states that many living animals can be observed over the course of time to undergo changes so that new species are formed. This can be called the ‘Special Theory of Evolution’ and can be demonstrated in certain cases by experiments. On the other hand there is the theory that all the living forms in the world have arisen from a single source which itself came from an inorganic form. This theory can be called the ‘General Theory of Evolution’ and the evidence that supports it is not sufficiently strong to allow us to consider it as anything more than a working hypothesis. It is not clear whether the changes that bring about speciation are of the same nature as those that brought about the development of new phyla. The answer will be found in future experimental work and not by the dogmatic assertions that the General Theory of Evolution must be correct because there is nothing else that will satisfactorily take its place.”

Notice there are two definitions of "evolution." There is the 'Special Theory of Evolution' and there is the 'General Theory of Evolution.' Both are commonly referred using the word "evolution," sometimes simply referred to as "change over time." And that's how you get fooled.

When someone says, "Look at all the proof evolution actually happens! You can see species changing." They are referring to the 'Special Theory of Evolution (STE).' We all agree. Things change. Species may die out and new species develop.

BUT then...

But now comes the ol' switch-a-roo. The next statement is, "We know evolution [now meaning the General Theory of Evolution] happened." The definition of "evolution" has changed from "change within a species" to now be "all living things came from a single source which came from an inorganic materials." There is zero proof supporting the General Theory of Evolution (GTE). Zero. Nothing. But with this simple switch in the definition of the word "evolution," people are convinced there is proof.

Don't be fooled. For the General Theory of Evolution to be true there must be an increase in complexity of organisms, which results from an increase in information in DNA. Mutations in DNA damage the DNA, and that sometimes results in a benefit for the organism. But, the organism has lost information. It has gone downhill. Sections of DNA can be swapped between organisms. But that is not creating any new information, it is simply using existing information.

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