Smithsonian Says: Genetics Proves Evolution Is True

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The Smithsonian "Proves Evolution" Using "Evidence" Accepted As Myth in 2007

We go to the Smithsonian's Human Origins web site to examine their evidence that "proves" evolution is true. What did we find?

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The Smithsonian claims genetics proves evolution actually happened. Chimpanzee and human DNA was compared and found to be about 1.2% different. See! Evolution is true. We are genetically nearly the same as chimpanzees!

First: It seems they left out some important information. Humans and chimpnazees supposedly came from a common ancestor no more than 3 million years ago (max). Given that we know the mutation rate, and based on the evolutionary assumption of a common ancestor, the present difference in DNA from random mutations has to be in the range of 1%. Factoring in the fact that individuals, humans for example, have an average of 0.1% differences among ourselves, that gives a total possible difference of 1.1%. That is essentially the same as the 1.2% difference claimed in the Smithsonian article. Others claim that measured difference between humans and chimps was 1.5%. But, that's Still close enough.

BUT... and this is major... as further testing was done it was found that the actual difference is in the range of 15%. Humans and chimps are only 85% similar! That means that it is impossible for humans and chimpanzees to have evolved from a common ancestor in the past three million years. Our DNA is too dissimilar. The claim that human/chipmanzee DNA has been proven to be a false claim... AND THAT MEANS there is no proof... zero proof from human/chimp DNA supporting evolution. And that means the Smithsonian's claim is false.

What is truly sad is that the Smithsonian, the premier American Museum, is using a claim that has been accepted as a myth by secular science since 2007.

We have a Science Pastor 30 SECOND video that addresses human/chimpanzee DNA similarity.

Additional, More Detailed Information:

Human and Chimp DNA: Is It Really 98% Similar? (GA Article)

The following link is given to provide some historical perspective. This technical paper is from 2003. At that point it had been determined that the difference between human and chipmanzee DNA was in the range of 5%. As further research was done, that number continued to grow. -- Greater than 98% Chimp/human DNA similarity? Not any more.

Human-Chimp Similarities: Common Ancestry or Flawed Research? (ICR Acts & Facts)


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