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6000 Human Fossils?

The Smithsonian Human Origins web site says there 6,000 human fossils. I believe there are fewer since we'd need to deduct those that are actually ape fossils. But, that's not the issue. If humanity has been around for a couple of million years, or even just several hundred thousands years, there shuld be A LOT more human fossils. A LOT!

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I can remember sitting in my high school science class. It was the science classroom located at the front of the building. I was in the far left row, third seat from the front. The teacher, Mr. Reynolds, was talking about evolution. At this time I firmly believed in evolution, but still the question popped into my mind... where are all the graves? If people had been around as long as Mr. Reynolds was saying, there had to have been billions of people who lived and died. Where were all the fossils of these people? And people leave behind a lot of trash. Where was all the trash?

bird eats dead fish

When a fish or animal dies, the carcass is eaten by other animals, birds and bacteria. They are quicky gone. Nothing left. But when people die the body is buried. The use of cremation wsa not common until fairly recently. The bodies would be buried and decay, but there should still be evidence such as bones and gravesites. Where are all the human graves? Then I had another thought, where are all the people? Shouldn't there be A LOT more people living today? The numbers were not adding up.

In the above suggested article Don Batten does the calculations. Using very conservative round numbers, if humans evolved from apes one million years ago, and taking into account disease, wars, etc. we can conservatively assume an average population growth rate of 0.01% per year. That would result in 1043 people living today. That number again is ten followed by 43 zeros. You can't imagine a number that big. There is only room on all the land area on earth for 2 X 1014 people, assuming everyone is standing up. Where are all the people?

Those who believe in evolution assume the human population remained steady, numbering in just the millions, for most of the millions of years since humans became humans. They say that disease, injuries, lack of food, and wars killed off most people. This means people were born, but died off young. But the numbers still don't add up. If this huge number of people died, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? Where are the billions, of trillions, of gazillions (bigger number than you can imagine) of graves? Where is all the debris people leave? We should be buried in bones and fossils.

On the other hand, the numbers do add up perfectly for a world that is just 6,000 years old, that had a global flood about 4,500 years ago.

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