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The Sediment Layers Are Stacked Like Pancakes

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Two Theories - Two Sets of Predictions

One test of the truth of a scientific theory is, how well does what it predicts match reality? Let's apply that test to the two possibilities for the source of all the sedimentary layers that exist around the world. Sedimentary rocks are, by far, the most common types of rocks and the cover the entire earth. The question is, where did they come from?

Theory One: Inland Sea

The first theory proposes that the continents have sunk and risen multiple times over spans of millions of years. For example, it is thought that the North American continent slowly sank, allowing the ocean to cover the land with a shallow sea in the middle section of North America, and then slowly rose again with the water draining off. Each time the North American continent was covered by the sea, sediment would accumulate to create the sedimentary rock layers we see today. The land would then rise up and be dry land for millions of years until the continent sank once again. This was repeated six times.

What would we expect to see? The result of this would be layers of sediment that would be exposed as dry land for millions of years before the continent sank again and more sediment accumulated. The exposed land would be eroded by wind and water, creating an uneven surface (valleys, hills and mountains). In addition, the erosion would create soil which would accumulate on the surface. What we should observe are uneven surfaces on the tops of each major sequence of sediment, with accumulations of soil.

Theory Two: A Single Global Flood

The second theory proposes a global flood as described in the Bible. Most of the water for the flood is described as coming from the fountains of the deep opening up. These would be huge cracks in the earth's crust (for example the mid-Atlantic ridge) releasing massive amounts of water. The water rose for 150 days, accompanied by volcanoes and earthquakes caused by the fountains of the deep opening. The result would tsunamis and mega-tsunamis sweeping across the land as the water levels rose.

What would we expect to see? The result would be layers of sediment that were quickly laid down. We would expect to see layer after layer of sediment, with no evidence of erosion or soil build-up between the layers. Except for places where there was folding or uplift, the boundaries between sediment layers, and between megasequences would be essentially flat.

What Is Observed?

We have two theories and the logical predictions each would make. What do we observe? The layers of sediment, as well as the megasequences, are stacked one on top of the other, with flat boundaries, just like a stack of pancakes, with no evidence of soil between the layers. The observable evidence strongly supports a global flood as described in the Bible.

Addition Evidence

Scientist estimate that between 40 and 70 tons of meteorites fall on the earth every year. Most are micrometeorites, too small to be noticed. But they accumulate on the surface and can be detected. If the continent was "bobbing" up and down as described in first theory, when the land was exposed (for millions of years) meteorite dust would accumulate. We see this happening today. If there was a global flood, there would be no meteorite "dust" between the sediment layers. What is observed? There is no meteorite dust between sediment layers.

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