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Human Fossil Dating Methods

We went to the Smithsonian's Human Origins web site to get evidence proving evolution is true. What did we find?

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This page is part of a series covering the dating methods the Smithsonian lists as "well tested." The following are links to other 30 SECOND videos and their web pages:

Carbon Dating (Mungo Woman)

Thermoluminescent Dating (Mungo Woman)

Mungo Woman Summary


Paleomagnetism (click for a secular description) uses the earth's magnetic field to date objects in the range of 100,000 to millions of years old based on evolutionary assumptions. The north magnetic pole moves over time and microsopic particles in materials such as clay acquire magnetization in alignment with the earth's magnetic field. When the clay is heated by firing (making pottery, for example) that frees the particles resetting them to point in the direction of the magnetic north pole. When the clay cools the particles keep this orientation. Thus it is possible to determine the the orientation of the magnetic pole at the time the clay was fired.

To get a date a sample of local bedrock or volcanic rock taken. The changes in the magnetic field will also be recorded in the rock. By findng the magnetic orientation in the volcanic rock that matches the one in the pottery, the pottery can be assigned the same age as radiometric dating determines for portion of the rock. So, in reality, paleomagnetic dating is another form of radiometric dating with all of the assumptions and problems of radiometric dating.

See our 30 SECOND videos about the problems with radiometric dating. Radiometric Inaccuracies and Radio dating cannot be calibrated.

Major Evolutionary Assumption: paleomagnetic dating assumes the earth is old (billions of years), and that reversals of the magnetic poles are separated by millions of years. However, during the flood, when the fountains of the deep opened up, it would be expected that there would be rapid and frequent magnetic field reversals and associated movement of the north magnetic pole. By assuming evolutionary time scales for changes in the magnetic field, paleomagnetism (of course) gives long age results.

This is Interesting: We know that the earth's magnetic field is decaying. Based on the measured decay rate, and the current srtength of the magnetic field, the earth can be no more than 100,000 years old. (Paleomagnitism proves the earh is young! (Click for a 30-SECOND Video)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Earth's Magnetic Field Is Young (ICR Article)


Biochronology is a fancy word for index fossils. Here is a simplified explanation -- An index fossils is an organism that lived in a known geological age, and is assumed to be characteristic of a particular span of time. If an unknown fossil is found in the same layer of sediment as the index fossil, the unknown fossil is assumed to be the same age as the index fossil. If another fossil of that same unknown organism is found in a different location, then all the fossils in the second location can be assumed to be the same age as the index fossil.

Dating based on fossils overrules dating from radiometric methods. For example, if a dinosaur fossil is found in sedment dated at 30 million years old, based on radiometric dating, it is assumed that date is wrong and the fossil is at least 65 million years old. This demonstrates two things: belief in evolution overrules data, and radiometric dating is not even trusted by evolutionists (unless it give them the answer they want).

Major Evolutionary Assumption: fossils where deposited in a chronological order over hundreds millions of years. However, based on a global flood, fossils were buried in less than a year based on their environment, not time. In order words, organisms living on the sea floor were buried first, and larger animals that could move away from rising flood waters, were buried later (higher up).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Index Fossils—Really? (CMI Article)


We discussed the molecular clock in our 30 SECOND video on mitochonfrial eve. Many scientists have continued to reject that fact that what was once concidered junk DNA is functional. Why? Because when supposed "junk" DNA experienced a mutation, nothing it was assumed happened. After all, that wsa non-functional DNA so no harm was done. But, now that we know that there is no junk DNA (according the secular genetic science) the mutations in thiose areas of the DNA also degrade the DNA. That means the molecular clock (if such a thinh exists) is running much faster than originally thought. So fast that the new dates show the original woman existed about 6,000 years ago.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Evolutionary Molecular Genetic Clocks: A Perpetual Exercise In Futility and Failure (Technical Paper)


Potassium-argon dating
Argon-argon dating
Uranium Series

The Smithsonian web page mentions severalk forms of radiometric dating. We have covered those in other 30 SECOND videos. Here are links to the videos about radiometric dating. Radiometric Inaccuracies and Radio dating cannot be calibrated.

Additional, More Detailed Information

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